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The “Food for Friends” newletter highlights the bountiful harvest you have in the garden.  The most recent edition provides tips on how and where to share your excess produce to prevent food waste and help others enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Planting an extra row in your garden will allow you to “Share Your Bounty”.  Check back to learn more about where these locations will be and how you can not only share your excess – but at some events, actually take home a different vegetable that didn’t produce well for you.  All for free!  Share Your Bounty and Veggie Share are a community exchange of bounty from the gardens.

Download the Fall Harvest issue here.It also has our great resource guide included.

If you missed out on the other editions of “Food for Friends” with garden planting tips, community gardens, food preparation and food resources,  download the Summer Harvest issue here and download the Spring Planting issue here.

Our “Mothers’ Day Week-end Family Garden Event” will kick off its second year on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at the Presbyterian Church Community Garden.  Last year this event provided a variety of educational opportunities about growing your own garden.   This it promises to be event more fun and interactive!  We are still planning, so check back for more information on time and activities.

Highlighting the importance of adding healthy wholesome foods to your diet, getting a bit of exercise working in the garden, and connecting with family, this event also provides information on the availability of Crook County’s two primary community gardens which are currently underutilized.  Several community partners host booths to demonstrate gardening techniques and the benefit of incorporating more vegetables and fruit into your diet.  Last year, the kids loved the hands-on planting of a “salad bowl”, a planter box that kids (and adults) filled with dirt, several varieties of lettuce and other vegetables, adding a sprinkling of water before taking their bowl home to nurture and watch it grow.

There were lots of free giveaways including plant starts, insulated grocery bags, and a raffle for a basket of garden tools and other prizes. People toured the garden plots and talked to the people growing vegetables in them.  Master Gardeners provided advice on general gardening and composting.   Read more about community gardens in our area in this Central Oregonian article.

The event was so well received, we held another event at the Crook County Parks Community Garden and picnic shelter at Gary Ward Park in August.  Community Gardens are a great resource if you don’t have room for your own garden.  You’ll get a bit of exercise, enjoy the sunshine and meet really nice people there too!

These efforts were made possible by a grant from Oregon Food Bank’s F.E.A.S.T program along with collaborations from several of our partnering organizations. 

Our Favorite Recipes

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is an important element in improving you health, and its easy!  Our group has farmers, gardeners, and people who love cooking. And who doesn’t love sharing meals with family and friends?  Enjoy some of our favorite recipes we’ve specially selected just for you on Our Favorite Recipes Page.

Our Partners in locally-sourced, healthy food

High Desert Food and Farm Alliance lists locally sourced foods on their website. Many of these are in the Prineville/Crook County area.

Local Foods

During the summer our local farms offer an agri-tourism event called Crooked River Open Pastures (C.R.O.P.).