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Your goal to #Keep Moving will be more fun if you explore our beautiful community with these Interactive Experience Maps developed in partnership with Crook County GIS. Click on the buttons below to access the corresponding map:

Be Well Video Series

We are so excited to share our “Be Well” video series.  These short clips produced by the very talented Olive and Blu Photography feature various local professionals who help us explore small changes that can make a big difference in our health.  Scroll down for the video links and descriptions.  These videos are also available on our new YouTube Channel:


AND HERE THEY ARE!  Click on the screen shots or the video name to watch the video.

Here is just a hint of what you’ll find in the videos above – (Don’t forget to check the Description Area of the video for additional resources on its subject).

Create Kindness Art Project- with Jodi Kerr, the Meandering Maker.  Feel isolated by COVID? Reconnect. Inspire. Appreciate.  Use this delightful art project to share your appreciation to friends, neighbors, teachers, and front-line workers.  Pair it with a small gift from a local business to provide a wonderful holiday surprise for those that touch your life in a special way.  Take a picture of your finished work and tag #CreateKindness #CCOTM #MeaderingMaker.  We’d love to share your work!

Take Care of Your Skin —  Presented by Larry Weber, Physician’s Assistant.  We love the abundance of sunshine in Central Oregon – even in the winter.  The sun doesn’t love your skin though!  Learn how to you can protect your skin, and your children’s, while soaking in the warm rays of sunshine on a cold winter day.  Take care of your skin so it can take care of you!

You Are What You Eat — Jess Walsh, CNM; Nutritionist with St Charles Women’s Health.  Eating colorful veggies and fruits, fresh baked whole grains breads and other healthy foods nourish our body and increase our immune system’s response to viruses.  How does food make us feel better when we eat better?  How does our brain respond to our stomach? Watch this video to learn how simple changes in our food choices can improve the way we feel!

Warm Up Your Walk with QiGong -Presented by Jim Anderson, Instructor.  This unique alternative warm up promotes good blood circulation, posture, balance and all around good health.  Lean some relaxing deep breathing techniques that will transform your walk into a total body awakening and mediation experience.

Adding Meditation to Your Self-Care Routine — Hannah Renzi, CNM; Midwife with St Charles Women’s Health.  There are a multitude of benefits gained by adding meditation into our day.  It can reduce anxiety, stress, pain, blood pressure, and the triggers of addictive behavior.  Meditation improves sleep and increases our ability to focus.  Find unique ways to create this daily self-care break by watching this video.

Counteracting Daily Strain on Your Muscles – Emily Ziegler, CNM; Midwife with St Charles Women’s Health. It is important to counteract gravity and strains from everyday living.  We all slouch, sit to one side or the other, or find ourselves in awkward or static positions throughout the day.  Reducing strain on muscles and increasing mobility will help us maintain an active lifestyle.  Learn simple ways to relieve muscle strain by stretching and improve posture and balance through short strengthening movements and poses.

Animal Yoga presented by Dannie Ramos Using the book, Yoga Animals by Paige Towler, This yoga video will inspire your young ones to get moving, practice mindfulness, or calm down after a long day. … Kids will get a kick out of the book and accompanying photos of animals that mimic each pose with a sweet poem that is sure to delight!

Jazz Up Your Exercise  – Presented by Ashley Smith, Jazzercise Instructor, Mom and Teacher. Create a stronger, happier, healthier life through fitness. Try this easy-to-follow dance class that snowballed into a fitness phenomenon, blending jazz dance, Pilates, cardio kickboxing, resistance training and yoga.  Slay your wellness goals with this full/body workout that improves cardiovascular endurance, increases strength and flexibility plus adds an overall “feel good” factor.

Why is Exercise Important and How Much is Necessary? — Sarah Hellmann, D.O.: Doctor with St Charles Women’s Health –  Exercise increases our bone density, mobility and physical health while decreasing anxiety and depression.  It also improves our cardiovascular system and our ability to sleep better.  Consistent exercise is important, so finding an exercise that is fun and works for you is important.  Watch this video to learn a variety of simple ways to incorporate exercise into our lives without expensive equipment.

Reducing Stress Through Breathing — Wendy Hatcher, Psy. D. – Behavioral Health Consultant with St Charles Women’s Health.  Having a challenging year? Developing skills to reduce and regulate stress levels through breathing, can help us deal with a variety of stresses in our daily lives.  These skills can be done anytime and anywhere throughout the day. This video shows us how.

Is it a new wonder drug or supplement? No, its simply exercise — Natalie Good, DO – St. Charles Prineville. Exercise is the best way to put us on the path to feeling better and being healthier. But how long to we exercise and how hard to we push ourselves? Find out in this video presented by Dr. Natalie Good. Knowing the intensity of your workout can be a bit overwhelming. Do you have to purchase expensive equipment? Not with this fun and simple way that quickly tells you if you need to slow things down or if you can push just a little more. What should your exercise goals look like? How often? How long? Dr. Good covers that too! Of course, we always recommend you see your family doctor before starting any strenous exercise program. But after this short video, we think you’ll be singing on your next bike ride!

Another great resource of wellness information is our local library.  Discover the variety of programs your library offers my clicking on the link below.

Visit the Library Here

Being social and active in the community makes life interesting and plays an important role in our overall happiness.  The calendar below lists several events in and around town.   If you have difficulty accessing calendar details via mobile devices, access the calendar details here.

If you’d like your health and wellness event added, send us the information using the form on our Contact Us page .