Cultivating connections and creating a sense of purpose

Does life get away from you sometimes?  Your to-do list getting too long?
Well, it’s time to add one more item to that list.  It’s time to add a little time for YOU to your list.

Your emotions, thoughts and attitude affect your health.  Becoming mentally healthy is essential to creating a vibrant life.  Giving a yourself the gift of time to look after you will help you combat stress and anxiety, solve problems and even battle disease.  Leisure activities offer a distraction from problems, build self-confidence, and provide social support.  Volunteering provides a sense of purpose, belonging and satisfaction.

Strive to be happy. “Not short-term happy, like “Hey, let’s just always have ice cream and play,” but the big picture, deeply satisfied with life happy – finding satisfying work, loving your family and the community you live in.  – Karen DeWolfe, founder of Momthletes LLC.