Walking naturally calms us down, clears our head and improves our health.  We have created a series of interactive maps found on our Explore Local page to help you get outside and move naturally.  One of these maps, our Walking Experience Map, has routes connecting various neighborhoods and hotels with the downtown core where shopping and events occur. 

Why not walk to dinner or shopping instead of getting in your car? Access the interactive map here.

Download our printable walking maps:  a legal-sized page 11″x17″ version or a condensed letter-size page 8-1/2″x11″ version or download this picture file and save to your phone!

In Prineville, we have a beautiful path starting just north of the intersection of Knowledge and Third Street. The Ochoco Creek Trail meanders along Ochoco Creek so we can enjoy the babbling creek, the singing birds and the beautiful Central Oregon sunshine. The trail extends all the way to Harwood Street, allowing us to increase our walking distance with minimal interference from motorized traffic.  The Juniper Street Covered Area now has a paved pathway from the parking lot to the trail, making it fully accessible for everyone and a great starting point!

A brisk daily walk keeps us fit and healthy for a long time. It protects us from heart ailments, diabetes, cancer, and other types of chronic conditions. Further studies show that walking increases bone mineral density and prevents the condition of osteoporosis. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer and arthritis.  To get these benefits, a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week is recommended.  That’s just 22 minutes of brisk walking a day.  We can do that!

Getting Tired? Stop and rest on the benches along Ochoco Creek Trail! This paved trail now boasts beautiful age-friendly benches strategically placed 300’ apart to let you rest as you walk a little farther each day

Walking can fit into everyone’s lifestyle, but it should not overexert you; you can build up to faster paces as you become used to the consistent exercise.

Recovering from an injury/illness or have trouble walking without assistance? These benches are wheelchair/walker accessible because we wanted to remove those barriers for you!

Busy at work? Have a walking meeting, walk to the bank, to your next your meeting or to meet someone for coffee or lunch.

Home life seem hectic? Walk to the store, walk your kids to school, or ask a neighbor to join you for coffee and a morning walk.

You’ll be more energized to tackle the rest of your day. So what are you waiting for?

We look forward to seeing you on the trail!

A collaborative effort between Crook County On The Move, Rotary Club of Crook County and our Parks and Recreation District.  Benches were made possible with generous donations from AARP, Rotary Club, St. Charles Health Systems, Pacific Source, Central Oregon Health Council and Crook County Foundation, through its Crook County On The Move program, and Ochoco Lumber Company.  Labor was provided by Heart of Oregon, Crook County Parks and Recreation,Pacific Source and Rotary Club of Crook County.

“Now, finally, we senior citizens and others with health issues can finally enjoy the pristine beauty of the park.  If you’re feeling sad and blue, take a walk through the park and enjoy the view! “                      – excerpt from a Central Oregonian editorial

“My friend walks this path and I wanted to walk with her, but I have medical issues and knew that I could not. Now I can look forward to walking again!”            – Facebook post