Get “Out and About” Town!

The days are getting longer and we are so excited to get out and enjoy the Central Oregon sunshine!  Walking is great exercise and that’s why we’ve partnered with Crook County GIS to develop this walking map with 1, 2 and 3-mile routes within the core of Prineville.   These routes also lead you to restaurants, coffee shops, community event areas…just in case you’d rather walk instead of drive!  Download the maps from our website at, or pick them up at the Chamber of Commerce.

Want to take part in a community fun run?  This map will help you work up to a 5K.  Start with 1 mile, then work your way up by connecting the routes.  Don’t forget to share the fun and invite a friend on your walk!

If 1-mile is a bit too far yet, check out the benches along the City Trail bordering Ochoco Creek.  These benches are placed 300′ apart, so you can stop and rest as you build your distance.  Enjoy the sunshine!


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