Exercise Goals – the right way!

Is it a new wonder drug or supplement? No, its simply exercise and its the best way to put us on the path to feeling better and being healthier. But how long to we exercise and how hard to we push ourselves? Find out in this latest video in our Be Well Video Series presented by Dr. Natalie Good of St Charles-Prineville.

Knowing the intensity of your workout can be a bit overwhelming. Do you have to purchase expensive equipment? Not with this fun and simple way that quickly tells you if you need to slow things down or if you can push just a little more. What should your exercise goals look like? How often? How long? Dr. Good covers that too!

Of course, we always recommend you see your family doctor before starting any strenous exercise program. But after this short video, we think you’ll be singing on your next bike ride!

VIsit our You Tube Channel for more Be Well videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwCjTt6zvNPQfmFkqETcd0Q

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