Mindful Movement is Online

Move. Explore. Discover.

Rebecca Schultze of Wild Life Training and Coaching is hosting Mindful Movement Classes with gentle movement, stretching and breath work for all levels to improve mobility, stability and body awareness. You’ll be guided and gently challenged in ways that will bring more integrity and ease to how you move throughout the day.

“Movement isn’t something you impose on the body, it’s something you expose from the body.”

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day Rebecca will be teaching only on Wednesdays via Zoom in addition to leading 30-minute Mindful Movement classes at the Prineville C.R.O.P. Farmers Market at 10:30 am on Saturdays, June through September.

We know you’ll love Rebecca and her classes. Enjoy!

Zoom Mindful Movement

Time: 7 am Pacific Wednesdays

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 6067 5875
Passcode: WildLife


Helpful Preparation:

  • Keep a pillow, cushion or blanket nearby to use to make yourself more comfortable in various positions that we may spend extended time in. 
  • Keep a strap (a leash, belt, tie or rolled up dish towel will all do) nearby (not used in every class but incorporated on occasion)
  • Keep a sense of curiosity, a sense of humor and a sense of joy in trying new things, moving in new ways and exploring familiar positions and movements.

If you have any questions, aren’t sure about specific movements or stretches, and/or would like modifications, please reach out at any time. 

“Don’t use the body to move into the pose; use the movement and the pose to get into the body.”


Links to previous months’ classes: 



If you would like to make a financial contribution for the continuation of this class and the development of future offerings, I accept payments through Venmo and PayPal (links below). This is not obligatory and no one will be turned away for not making a financial payment — She only asks that you pay it forward in your own way 

Suggested contribution: $5 to $15 per class or $45 to $60 per month.

Venmo: @raschultze

PayPal: raschultze@gmail.com


Thanks for taking the time to read this all the way through, and I hope to see you at class soon!

Adventure on,


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